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  • Tips for a healthy prostate: Physical therapy can help

    9/26/2017 12:00:00 AM

    We get it, guys. Your prostate health isn’t the first thing you think about when you wake up in the morning. There are other more “important” things to do. Like set your fantasy football lineup, sculpt your beard and even mow the yard.

  • Still Walking and Rolling with 'Walk with a Doc'

    5/25/2017 12:00:00 AM

    On the first Tuesday of every month, you will probably find Kathy Floyd strolling along the walking path at the Baylor Tom Landry Health & Wellness Center. She comes for fitness, some fresh air; but most importantly, she comes here to find common ground. It’s not the beautiful gardens that keeps her coming back, but the people. It’s where she says she can feel normal. You see, Kathy, is still recovering from a brain injury. It’s that common ground that has really helped drive her rehabilitation, and it’s what keeps her coming back to a program we call: Walk and Roll with Walk With A Doc.

  • Pregnant woman working out

    Pregnancy Fitness: Workout tips for expecting moms

    5/16/2017 12:00:00 AM

    Pregnancy is supposed to be a time for joy, anticipation and new experiences. But for a lot of moms it also comes with a lot of anxiety and questions. With all the blogs, articles and social media confusion, moms are forever wondering if they are doing the right thing. For women that like to exercise, they often wonder how much is too much, what’s safe and how they should modify their activity?

  • Driving after an acquired brain injury-empty road

    On The Road Again Driving after a brain injury

    5/4/2017 12:00:00 AM

    Getting from point A to point B may sound simple. Just get in the car and go. Drive to work, drive to a doctor’s appointment or drive to a child’s athletic event. Most people take for granted the freedom that driving gives them. Being able get behind the wheel and get to where you want to go, when you want to go becomes routine. For those with an acquired brain injury, driving can be a huge challenge and a very important goal in the rehabilitation process.


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