Neuropsychology Rehabilitation

Neuropsychological Rehabilitation

The Department of Neuropsychology and Rehabilitation Psychology at Baylor Scott & White Rehab offers a variety of services to assist you in the identification and understanding of the physical, functional, cognitive and emotional difficulties related to physical illness, injury and disability.

Our goal is to improve your functional living skills if you’re recovering from a disabling medical illness or injury through intensive, research-based assessment and treatment. Services may be provided on an inpatient or outpatient basis, depending on your needs.

If you have multiple sclerosis (MS), Parkinson’s disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), Guillain-Barre syndrome or other neurological condition, Baylor Rehab offers an integrated program of care that helps optimize:

  • Strength, coordination, balance and mobility
  • Medication management
  • Use of assisted devices
  • Functional independence

What are Rehabilitation Psychologists?

Rehabilitation psychologists assist individuals in coping with, and adjustment to, chronic, traumatic or congenital injuries or illnesses that may result in a wide variety of physical, sensory, neurocognitive, emotional and/or developmental disabilities with the goal of increasing function, reducing disability and increasing participation in everyday roles and responsibilities.

What are Neuropsychologists?

Neuropsychologists focus on the nature of irregular brain behavior and how it affects the day to day life of those who are living with such conditions. At Baylor Scott & White Rehab, we know this can be a complicated process. That’s why we have highly skilled staff members with the clinical experience required to provide diagnosis and treatment.

To better serve our patients, our neuropsychology team is continually working to better understand the neurological complexities associated with a wide range of illnesses and injuries through research and further education.

Services and Specialties

Our staff is skilled in a variety of areas with specialties designed to promote accurate assessment, as well as effective intervention.

About Our Staff

Our staff of nationally recognized neuropsychologists and rehabilitation psychologists have advanced training in their areas of specialization, including members of our team who have achieved board certification through the American Board of Professional Psychology.