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About Real Life Rehab

Real Life Rehab is a unique therapy program where we come to you. This program was one of the first of its kind in the nation and is an integral part of our continuum of care. We work with you in your own environment as you transition back into your daily routines. Our therapy team is made up of specially-trained physical, occupational and speech therapists, with neuropsychological and rehab psychological consults available.

The Real Life Rehab philosophy is "therapy for living, not living for therapy." Our goal is to work with you in your environment to ensure that the skills you've learned in traditional inpatient or outpatient settings translate into your real life.

Real Life Rehab Services

Initial Transition Services

The Real Life Rehab therapists can work with the client and family the day they leave the hospital to continue restorative skill building and adaptation techniques in your home. Our team of professionals work hand in hand with you and your family to establish a reasonable daily activity routine in the home, preparing you for the next stage of rehabilitation.

Interim Services

We work together with our Day Neuro Program and/or outpatient clinics. When a certain level of skill development has been achieved, the Real Life Rehab team step in to make sure those skills are being demonstrated outside of the clinic. Using this intervention approach, we can be certain that critical skills are truly evident, and not just presumed.

Functional Services

When you have completed treatment in a specialty outpatient program and appear to have accomplished the designated outcome, a short transition intervention can be set up to make sure those skills really are translated into daily functional success.

Common Diagnosis


Spinal Cord Injury

For many of our patients with spinal cord injuries, Real Life Rehab may be the most reasonable therapy approach after leaving the hospital. We provide family training, accessibility/safety checks, ongoing equipment adjustments and continuing techniques to improve your functional skills. Knowing that additional adjustment issues emerge after leaving the hospital, the Real Life Rehab team stays in close contact with your rehabilitation psychologist to reinforce positive communication and help keep you on track for long-term success.

Traumatic Brain Injury, Stroke or Neuro-Cognitive

For patients who have had a brain injury, stroke or other neuro-cognitive impairment, the primary outcome will be for patients to develop a new, daily activity routine that aims for quality participation in the day to day events in a safe environment. Real Life Rehab will work on realistic restorative skill building. We’ll establish a practical activity schedule, work with you and your family/caregivers to create that activity, and incorporate tasks that need to be completed for physical well-being and skill building.

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