Is Real Life Rehab Right for Me?

Is Real Life Rehab Right for Me?

Transitioning back into the home and community after inpatient rehabilitation can be challenging. Some patients may handle it better than others. For those who need help with that transition, our Real Life Rehab program is great resource to assist in your community re-entry. Here are a few things to consider when transitioning back home following inpatient rehabilitation. 

  • During the inpatient stay, rehab focuses on critical early skill building, adaptations/equipment decisions, and simulations of what home and community will be like. This is done in a controlled environment, and sometimes is hard to transition the skills learned here into your home and community environment.
  • No two homes are alike and no two patients are either. Real Life Rehab therapists can immediately adapt skill building, teaching approach used with the patient/family caregivers (if needed) to accommodate the actual physical and interactive environment the patient is going to be functioning within.
  • If you or your family member are uncertain about what to expect when going home after inpatient rehabilitation, Real Life Rehab can help ease you back into the home and community environment.
  • If you as a caregiver are unsure exactly how to help your family member, the Real Life Rehab program can educate you on your new role as a caregiver. Simple things like when to assist and when to allow the patient to try on their own can have a big impact on their recovery.
  • Safety at home is always the first priority. Some patients/caregivers need to see what it really takes to get out of the house in case of an emergency and need to experience skill application/ongoing learning in the less protective, realistic environment that they will function in day after day.
  • If you have a spinal cord injury – no matter the level – can benefit from first going into Real Life Rehab. All SCI patients, even if you are expected to walk again, will learn to manage their activity level at home appropriately. The energy conservation skills learned during Real Life Rehab will benefit you when you move on to outpatient therapy.
  • Real Life Rehab isn’t just for patients, it is also extremely beneficial to caregivers and family members. Your daily family routines are going to change and incorporating patient care can be a challenge. We want you to help break the "rehab" mode and transition into a "normal and sustainable" daily routine. 
  • Our program can help you truly feel at home again. Being able to comfortably and safely function in your own home is a huge step in your rehabilitation and will also will help you transition to traditional outpatient therapy when you’re ready.
  • If you feel like you or your loved one is ready to move on to our Day Neuro Program or outpatient therapy, our therapists can do a home assessment when needed and if staff is available.

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