Technology in Spinal Cord Injury Rehab

Adaptive Technology Program

We incorporate some of the most advanced technologies available for spinal cord injury rehabilitation. The equipment and devices used during your rehab at Baylor Scott & White Rehab - Dallas will help in your functional recovery and help assist in everyday tasks. The adaptive technology program strives to increase patient knowledge of consumer-based environmental aids. These devices can improve independence in daily living and provide access to common communication tools like cell phones, tablets and computers. Following a traumatic injury, many people desire to return to previous work and social roles. This program is currently led by a skilled occupational therapist that works closely with the patient's primary therapy team to accomplish these goals. Individualized plans are developed in which patients may be referred to a rehabilitation engineer for more extensive evaluation and education.


Exoskeleton Walking Device

Electrical stimulation

Targeted muscle activation to help with neuro recovery, improve muscle function, and improve cardiovascular function. Devices available include:

  • Functional Electrical Stimulation Bikes
  • Functional Electrical Mobile Station
  • Bioness – Integrated therapy systems BITS
  • VitalStim®

Locomotor Training

Using body weight supported gait training devices including treadmill, over ground, and robotic exoskeleton devices to enhance motor function, decrease pain, improve cardiovascular function. Devices available include:

  • Body-weight supported treadmill training
  • LiteGait®
  • Robotic exoskeletons (eg. EKSO® Bionics, ReWalk®)
  • Aquatic therapy
Adaptive Technology

Specialized equipment using various technologies to improve upper and lower extremity motor strength and function. Devices available include:

  • SaeboFlex®
  • Armeo®
  • RT300®
  • Xcite®
  • Motomed®

Swallow Dysfunction Technology

Specialized equipment and technology to both evaluate and treat swallow dysfunction. Devices available include:

  • Video fluoroscopy and fiber optic endoscopic evaluation of swallowing
  • VitalStim®