General FAQ

  • What is medical rehabilitation?

    Medical rehabilitation is the process of restoring physical and cognitive function to patients who have suffered from an injury, illness or other medical condition.

  • Do you provide drug rehab?

    No, we only provide medical rehabilitation. If you are seeking help for addiction please call 1.800.662.HELP.

  • What does inpatient mean?

    Inpatient is a term that refers to a patient who is admitted to a hospital for at least one overnight stay while they receiving medical care.

  • What does outpatient mean?

    Outpatient refers to a patient who goes to a medical clinic, therapy session or doctor’s appointment, but they are not hospitalized and do not stay overnight.

  • What is home health?

    Home health is medical care provided in your home. In order to receive home health, you must be homebound and unable to leave your house.

  • What is the difference between inpatient rehabilitation and nursing home rehabilitation facilities?

    Our inpatient rehabilitation facilities are all staffed by board-certified physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians. Nursing and therapy staff members are also licensed and certified in specialties specific to medical rehabilitation. We provide a more intensive therapy schedule that’s overseen on a daily basis by your physician. Nursing home facilities do not provide the same level of experience and intensive therapy that Baylor Scott & White Rehabilitation does.

  • What is the difference between our hospital-based outpatient services versus other therapy centers?

    Our outpatient therapy centers are staffed by only licensed therapists. Many of our therapists hold advanced degrees in physical, occupational or speech therapy. Our staff also includes many board-certified specialty therapists credentialed in a number of different disciplines.

  • What is the difference between Baylor Scott & White Rehab – Outpatient Therapy and a chiropractor?

    We only provide evidence-based treatments that are covered by most insurance policies, referred by physicians and administered by licensed clinical therapists.

  • Why do my medical bills say Select Medical?

    Baylor Scott & White Institute for Rehabilitation is a partnership between Baylor Scott & White Health and Select Medical. Our managing partner is Select Medical and all insurance claims and billing is operated under the Select Medical name.


Still Have Questions?

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