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Megan Ritzi, 18, of Fort Worth is nearing the end of her treatment at Baylor Institute for Rehabilitation in Dallas. The Baylor University student survived an automobile accident in July, which occurred as she and three other students were travelling to a clarinet performance in Louisiana.

Dr. Amy Wilson, medical director of Baylor Institute for Rehabilitation at Dallas and Ritzi's physician, gave an update to media on Friday, August 29, from 11:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. at Baylor Institute for Rehabilitation, 909 Washington Ave.

Transcript from the Update
"Today is the 29th of August. We anticipate Megan is going to discharge to her grandmother's home in Ft. Worth tomorrow, Saturday, August 30."

"When she was brought up from Baylor Scott & White in Temple to Baylor Rehab a few weeks ago, she was a much different person than she is now. It probably took two or three days before she even opened her eyes or I saw her with her eyes open. She was somewhat withdrawn. But every day after that she has really improved. Every day has been an accomplishment. She has embraced new things every single day; gained a new skill. I've watched her become more confident. She has been able to tackle things she would never had imagined doing before this accident."

"From 2 or 3 weeks ago, very scared, very withdrawn to today she is eyes wide open, articulate, excited, asking good questions. We are talking about the road to recovery and getting back to school as soon as possible."

"I think she is really on a good trajectory to make those gains. The next 2 or 3 weeks are really critical junctures for her. She is set to have enough bone healing to start walking again. She has not been able to put weight on her legs because of her injuries. And once her pelvis heals enough then we will be able to move on with walking again."

"It's also exciting time because she will be ready to get a prosthetic limb on the right side. And this is always a neat time, because patients never really know what the outcome will be when they have an injury like this. Fortunately I'm seeing really positive signs that lead me to believe that she is going to get amazing recovery from this accident."

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