Christina Nye

Christina Nye


Christina Nye, a network engineer for the Frisco Independent School District, was returning home from work one day when suddenly her arm felt numb.

She called her husband, Kenny, and mentioned it to him, but thought it wasn’t worth a trip to the emergency room. Sensing something wasn’t right, Kenny called his sister and asked her to stop by the house. By the time she arrived, Christina was slurring her words and speaking incoherently. They immediately called 911.

Rushed to Medical City Plano, Christina underwent emergency scans that confirmed she had a stroke. Then the 32-year old’s heart stopped, requiring resuscitation by medical staff, and developed other complications. Finally, after 12 days in the hospital, she stabilized and doctors arranged transfer to Baylor Scott & White Institute for Rehabilitation – Frisco (BSWIR-Frisco), known for its expertise in in stroke rehabilitation.

Christina arrived unable to walk, move her left arm or even sit up. She felt defeated and alone. However, her BSWIR-Frisco team was there to support her every step of the way.  Speaking with former patients also proved valuable, helping her reframe her thinking and focus on meeting daily goals in order to reach her primary one - walking.

Her physical and occupational therapists pushed her “just the right amount,” challenging her to embrace each improvement no matter how large or small. On days when Christina wanted to hold back, her team encouraged her to put in that additional effort.

Throughout her recovery journey, Christina learned to tap her unknown strength, yielding a new motto: “Keep going … and don’t quit.”

Christina’s advice to fellow stroke survivors? Set small goals, and build on them. Most importantly, take time to celebrate each achievement.

After 48 days of inpatient rehabilitation, Christina went home and continued her progress through BSWIR’s unique Day Neuro Program, participating in intensive occupational therapy on her left arm and training on a driving simulator to best prepare her for life ahead.