Danny Henry

Danny Henry


Danny Henry is a big outdoorsman who considers himself physically active. When he is not working as a FedEx driver, Danny enjoys hunting, fishing, skiing, hiking, golfing and most anything that involves being outside. As winter approached, Danny planned his big annual deer hunting trip, however he never made it.

Just days before the trip, Danny and his wife were sitting on the patio when Danny began to feel disoriented. He was unable to stand up at first, and knew something was wrong. Danny called 911 and remembers being asked a lot of questions but only being able to say ‘he needed help.’ The last thing he remembers from that morning was the ambulance doors closing.

Danny was taken to Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Plano, where it was discovered that he had a blood clot in the back of his neck requiring surgery. He had no underlying health issues and the cause of the clot was unknown. Following surgery he had severe vertigo and double vision making it impossible to walk. He was dizzy all the time, couldn’t see clearly and was unable to walk. That was when reality sunk in that he also couldn’t drive a truck and provide for his family. While Danny had been planning to retire in the next couple of years, he was worried that the stroke would force an early retirement. Unsure if he would be able to drive or return to work was a major concern.

The doctors recommended Danny go through inpatient rehabilitation before returning home. After he and his wife researched options, they selected Baylor Scott & White Institute for Rehabilitation – Frisco (BSWIR – Frisco). Danny was admitted on Christmas Eve, just five days following his stroke.

Extreme dizziness and the double vision were still Danny’s biggest challenge.  Initially, Danny found it hard to believe that his vision would get better, but the therapy he received through the hospital’s specialized neuro-vision clinic restored hope, and in time Danny’s vision began to improve.   

Danny also participated in intensive physical therapy sessions to help address his dizziness and vertigo. As his balance improved, so did his eyesight. He was ready for the next step in his recovery, the Day Neuro Program. While in this program, Danny’s confidence grew as he used the driving simulator to prepare to get back to work driving his delivery truck. His vision continued to improve as well and he was able to participate in outings, including one trip to the driving range. Danny was so thrilled to be back outside and with a golf club in his hands. At that moment he knew that everything was going to turn out alright – even if he wasn’t hitting the ball as well as he used to.

Danny recalls, “Getting past the unknown is scary, but you just have to get on with life.” With the help of his persistent daughter, who called him every day to make sure he was doing what his therapy team told him, Danny was able to get on with is life, too. He overcame the unknown and took charge of the things he could control. Upon discharge, Danny has plans to ease back into his active lifestyle, including finding time to play a lot of golf.



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