Patient Outcomes at Baylor Scott & White Rehab – Dallas

2022 Clinical Outcomes

Baylor Scott & White Rehab – Dallas

Below are metrics used by most rehabilitation hospitals as a way to gauge clinical outcomes. We use these metrics as a way to measure the care we provide our patients, as well as a tool to continually improve our care. Factors such as patient complexity and age can have an impact on certain measurements. All metrics below are provided by Press Ganey.

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Quality Metrics Terms

Case Mix Index (CMI)

CMI is a standard measure of the medical complexity and diverse clinical needs of  patients upon admission. A higher CMI indicates a more complex patient mix.

Discharge to Community

Our goal is to discharge patients to home and the community.  Some may still require outpatient or other programs, but no longer require around the clock medical supervision, rehabilitation nursing and other inpatient services.

Return to Acute Care

In some cases, a patient may require more extensive testing or medical services than we generally  provide, which results in their being transferred back to an acute hospital.

SNF/Sub-Acute Discharge

Upon completion of inpatient rehabilitation, some patients may be referred to a sub-acute level of care to continue their recovery due to their individual needs and circumstances.

Mobility & Self-Care Change

These scores are among those used to measure improvement in patients’ functional abilities from admission to discharge.