Clinical Outcomes at Baylor Scott & White Rehab – Dallas

Clinical Outcomes at Baylor Scott & White Rehab – Dallas

2018 Metrics

Below are metrics used by most rehabilitation hospitals as a way to gauge clinical outcomes. We use these metrics as a way to measure the care we provide our patients, as well as a tool to continually improve our care. Factors such as patient complexity and age can have an impact on certain measurements. All metrics below are provided by Press Ganey.

Quality Metrics Terms

Case Mix Index (CMI)
This value reflects the diversity, clinical complexity and resource needs of a particular group of patients. A higher CMI indicates a more complex case load.

Functional Independence Measurement (FIM)
This measurement is used as a basic indicator of a patients functional ability. It is used to track the changes in a patient's functional ability from admission to discharge.

Discharge to Community
When a patient is discharged from the hospital and allowed to go home. They may still require outpatient visits, but they no longer require around the clock medical supervision.

Return to Acute
This occurs when a patient has started inpatient rehabilitation, but for one reason or another, their physician has determined that it is medically necessary for the patient to go back to an acute hospital.

SNF/Sub-Acute Discharge
When a patient has completed inpatient rehabilitation, but they are referred to a skilled nursing facility or another form of care.

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