BSWRehab Frisco Inpatient Rehab FAQs

  • What do I need to know before I go to rehab at Baylor Scott & White Institute for Rehabilitation – Frisco?
    • While you are a patient at Baylor Scott & White Rehab – Frisco, the focus will be on your participation in prescribed therapy programs. The goal is to help you regain strength and to prepare you for the most independent living and function possible after your injury or illness.
    • You and your family will be actively involved in monitoring your progress and planning for discharge throughout your stay at Baylor Scott & White Rehab – Frisco. Family is strongly encouraged to be present as much as possible, especially during therapy sessions for training and education.
    • The length of your stay at Baylor Scott & White Rehab – Frisco will depend on your diagnosis, your goals, and your progress towards those goals. The length of stay is determined after your therapy evaluations and discussion with your admitting doctor.
    • You will receive care from a team of therapists (physical, occupational, speech/language, recreational) and nursing staff, all under the direction of one of our staff physicians who specialize in physical medicine and rehabilitation. A case manager is assigned to each patient as well.
  • Is there anything I need to do to before I get to Baylor Scott & White Institute for Rehabilitation – Frisco?
    • Talk with your hospital physician or surgeon. If they believe a rehab referral is appropriate for you, they will send a case manager, social worker, or other discharge planner to meet with you to discuss the next step and make arrangements for possible admission to our facility. One of our liaisons from Baylor Scott & White Rehab – Frisco will then be assigned to your case and will be your first connection with our facility.
    • Be motivated to be active and involved in therapy during your rehabilitation.
  • Who will be directing my care while I am at Baylor Scott & White Rehab – Frisco?
    • Each patient is assigned to one of our staff physicians who specialize in physical medicine and rehabilitation. This physician will see you daily and evaluate your progress throughout your stay. They will also oversee your entire care during your stay.
    • Other than any necessary follow-up appointments, your referring physician or surgeon will not be directly following you at our facility. Our staff physicians communicate with your referring physician or surgeon as needed and are aware of your physician’s expectations for your rehabilitation care.
  • What if I need medical attention in addition to my routine rehabilitation needs?

    We have consulting physicians in internal medicine and other specialties who are available to follow our patients as needed. These specialists will be consulted by your Baylor Scott & White Rehabilitation attending physician if needed, and will follow you during your stay at our facility.If your physician determines that urgent care is required at any time during your stay, transport is arranged to the appropriate acute care hospital.

  • How are the therapy services structured?
    • Your initial therapy assessment will occur typically on the day after your first night at our facility.
    • Patients are required to participate in 180 minutes (that’s 3 hours) of therapy a day. A small portion of that time can be in group/paired activities, but most is dedicated to individual therapy with our team. You must complete this requirement for five days out of every seven during your stay.
    • Every patient will get therapy on at least one weekend day. If you are not on track to meet the required 180 minutes a day for five days out of seven, you may get therapy on both weekend days.
    • Some patients may have activity groups on the weekend as part of their therapy.
    • Patients’ family members are strongly encouraged to be present for the initial therapy assessment. Family is invited to be present for all therapy sessions after that. There will be family training prior to discharge and family needs to be present for this.
    • Our therapy team determines the need for any home equipment for the patient’s use after discharge. The therapist will order this and arrange for delivery to your home.
  • How is nursing care provided?
    • Our nursing staff provides care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our staff is made up of experienced Registered Nurses and rehab nursing assistants who are specifically trained in rehabilitation nursing.
    • A nursing supervisor is on duty at all times.
    • Our nursing staff performs standard nursing interventions and procedures and administers routine IV fluids, IV antibiotics, and blood products. We do not administer IV pain medications at Baylor Scott & White Rehab – Frisco.
    • The focus of our nursing staff is to keep you safe and help eliminate obstacles to your participation in therapy. We strive to help you get as strong and independent as possible.
      • Nursing staff may limit your activity until you have been assessed by our therapy team. This is typically in the form of placing certain measures in place to help prevent you from falling. This is not meant to limit your independence, but rather to promote your safety. Please be patient and cooperative with staff as they undertake these measures.

      • With regard to patient activity other than therapy, nursing will be responsible for prescribing safe, independent activity levels for the patient.

    • We do not typically provide sitter services or close observation for our patients. In the event that a patient may be temporarily suffering from delirium or disorientation or has cognitive impairments, we ask that family be available to stay with the patient, especially at night to assist with the patient’s transition to their new surroundings and routine.

  • Will someone help me with discharge planning and doctors' appointments?
    • Your case manager will coordinate any physician appointments that are deemed medically necessary while you are a patient at our facility. This includes arranging for transportation.
    • The case manager participates in an interdisciplinary team meeting each week along with your attending physician and therapists to discuss each patient’s goals, progress, and needs and provides an update to the patient and/or family afterwards.
    • Any special services such as home health or outpatient services will be coordinated by the case manager prior to discharge. (Therapy arranges for home equipment.)
  • Is there anything I need to bring with me during my hospital stay?
    • Bring clothing that you are comfortable exercising in.
      • Bring more than one set of appropriate exercise clothing. Baylor Scott & White Rehab – Frisco DOES NOT have laundry services on campus.
      • Bring rubber-soled athletic shoes or walking shoes.
      • Bring an outfit that represents your normal clothing for home and work. This is important as you practice self-care skills for independent living.
    • If you have special or custom assistive equipment that you used at home or in the hospital, bring it with you. This might include a special brace, custom walker, slide board, or ice/cooling device (such as a Polar Ice machine and sleeve). Also, if you use any respiratory or dialysis equipment at home be sure to discuss this with your Baylor Scott & White Rehab – Frisco liaison before you arrive at our facility.

    • Baylor Scott & White Rehab – Frisco provides basic items for routine personal hygiene such as bath wash, deodorant, shampoo, toothpaste, etc.

    • Please disclose any adaptive devices (such as glasses, hearing aid, language translator, etc.) to staff upon admission.

    • Always bring a list of your home medications. Your referring facility will provide a list of medicines that you are receiving at that facility.

    • For safety reasons, we ask that you thoughtfully consider the risks of bringing personal electrical devices such as curling irons and other items that may produce heat and present other hazards into the patient care environment. Please be advised that staff may prohibit the use of such items if it is deemed a significant risk to your safety or the safety of the patient care setting.

  • What about visitors?
    • Baylor Scott & White Rehab – Frisco encourages visitors and has liberal visitation guidelines though we do ask you to sign in/out for each visit. We have common areas where larger groups can gather if needed.

    • Overnight guests are welcome. You should check with the nursing supervisor on duty regarding the availability of a sleeper chair.

    • The only point of entry to the building is the covered drive in the front of the building. The other doors are security doors and there is a security officer on campus after hours.

    • Pets are not allowed to be brought into the facility. It may be possible under certain circumstances for a pet to meet the patient at a location on campus with appropriate, staff-approved supervision.

  • May I leave the hospital during my stay?

    In a word, no. Baylor Scott & White Rehab – Frisco does NOT issue passes for personal or therapeutic reasons. Since Baylor Scott & White Rehab – Frisco is licensed as an acute care hospital, there are regulations that prevent a patient from leaving the campus for any reason other than an appointment with their physician. We are NOT able to provide "passes" for holidays or other personal matters.

  • Are chaplain services offered?

    We have a staff of interfaith chaplains that are available daily. If you have someone from your spiritual community that you prefer instead, they may come in as a visitor.


Still Have Questions?

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