Frisco Patient Support Groups & Communities

Frisco Brain Waves

Our neuro support group, Frisco Brain Waves, was formed to provide former patients a community where they could engage with our staff and fellow survivors of stroke and brain injury in a comfortable and safe setting. Patients, former patients and anyone in the community who has had a neuro event are welcome. We focus on functional fitness, regaining movement and cognition. The group focuses on providing general support, physical activity and out of the box thinking for survivors and their care givers. You’ll find a community who can assist with questions and provide help to those seeking answers. We hope to see you there.

Support Group Details

Where | Baylor Scott & White Rehab – Frisco Café
When | Second Tuesday of Each Month
Contact | Kirsten Runkle at 469.888.5153 or [email protected]

Weekend Support Groups

We have 2 former patient/family-led support groups that operate on the weekend. You are not alone in your recovery from stroke or brain injury and they are here to share their journey with you. Ask any questions you or your family may have, they are here to answer them. You’ll learn the challenges and triumphs they experienced during their rehabilitation, the joy of going home and how they navigate their relationships throughout their journey. Meet others in a similar situation and create a community to help you as you continue to regain your independence.

For more information about our weekend support groups, you may also contact Kirsten Runkle at 469.888.5153 or [email protected].