Outpatient Physical Medicine

About Outpatient Physical Medicine

Our outpatient physician clinic is intended to meet the needs of individuals who require initial or continuing rehabilitation care with a physician. Outpatient physician services focus on your long-term rehabilitative needs following a traumatic brain injury (TBI), spinal cord injury (SCI), stroke, amputation or another condition requiring long-term physical medicine and rehabilitation. Physician services include follow-up care, annual check-ups, treatment for non-emergency rehabilitation issues and patient-specific specialty programs that focus on your long-term independence and success.


We're Here to Help
For more information, or to schedule an initial evaluation, physician consultation or appointment, call us at (945) 468-9022.

Conditions We Treat

  • Amputee
  • Botulinum toxins injections
  • Cancer rehabilitation
  • Medically complex rehabilitation 
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Neuromuscular disorders
  • Other non-neurological diseases
Outpatient Physician Office Features
  • Board-certified physicians specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation.
  • Part of the largest rehabilitation system in Texas.
  • Located on the Baylor Scott & White Health Dallas campus.
  • Specialized care designed for patients with long-term rehabilitation needs.

Our Outpatient Physicians

Rita Hamilton, DO
Mary Miller-Phillips, MD
Sridevi Mukkamala, MD
Amy Wilson, MD

We're Ready When You Need Us

Our Continuum of Care is just one more reason why you should choose Baylor Scott & White Institute for Rehabilitation. In fact, it's many reasons. From hospital to home, we have the services to help you along your road to recovery. Whether you need all of our services - or just one - we're ready when you need us. 

Careers at Baylor Scott & White Rehabilitation

Some have jobs. We have a calling. Be a part of the largest rehabilitation network in Texas. Our experienced team of medical professionals are committed to putting our patients first. We are proud to call Baylor Scott & White Rehab home.

Physician Clinic Details

411 N. Washington Ave.,
Suite 5000
Dallas, TX 75246

P 214.820.1501
F 214.820.9689