Community Partnerships

Making Our Mark in the Communities We Serve

As a part of many different communities across North and Central Texas - from the big city to small town Texas - we want to be an integral part of each and every one. Through our local partnerships we are working to place our therapists and employees into organizations where we can help them do what they do best, by doing what we do best.

Fort Worth Fire Department

Keeping our first responders on the job is our priority. With an athletic trainer on-site at the Fort Worth Fire Department training facility, we are able to see as many firefighters as possible - including new recruits. Our on-site athletic trainer is there to help prevent injuries with proper preparation tactics for these industrial athletes, as well as catch injuries before they get worse. We are honored to play a role in keeping our local fire fighters on the job.

Ballet Austin

Through our partnership with Ballet Austin, one of our licensed physical therapists is on-site several times a week and during performances. As a former professional dancer Vanessa is able to really hone in on the unique needs of professional dancers. With her extensive dancing background, Vanessa is able to spot dance-related strains before they become a major show-stopping injury.