Isokinetic Rehabilitation

Isokinetic Rehabilitation

Isokinetic exercise uses specialized equipment for strength training and testing. The speed of the machine’s movement is able to be controlled and therefore eliminates momentum. This form of exercise equipment is far safer than using free-weights along. We are able to control the amount of force you put out, while drastically lowering your risk of re-injury. At our Outpatient Therapy Centers, we are able to put this type of exercise into our physical therapy treatment to help people recover from sports and other orthopedic injuries. We specialize in treatment orthopedic injuries, sports injuries, neurological conditions and industrial medicine. Our licensed therapists utilize evidence-based therapy treatments, proven modalities and cutting-edge technologies to get you back to your life faster. 

By using evidence-based, non-surgical therapy, our physical therapists can treat a variety of conditions. Physical therapy is an essential element in rehabilitation, and is used across our continuum of care: inpatient, outpatient, home health, acute care and neuro-transitional rehabilitation.

Isokinetic Testing

Using isokinetic machines, we are able to test your strength in a safe and controlled environment. This allows us to get an accurate measurement of the progress your making on your recovery.

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