Lee Silverman Voice Treatment

Lee Silverman Voice Treatment speech therapy

Lee Silverman Voice Treatment

The Lee Silverman Voice Treatment–known as LSVT LOUD–is a treatment used by our certified speech-language pathologists to treat speech disorders often associated with Parkinson’s disease. Baylor Scott & White Rehab's speech-language pathologists, who are certified in LSVT LOUD, train patients to speak at a more normal loudness level to improve their ability to communicate effectively.

This approach stresses the idea of "thinking loud in order to speak loud." It involves exaggerated motions and pronunciations, producing repetitive sounds at different octaves and holding sounds out for as long as possible. This is an intensive four-week speech therapy program, which includes four daily therapy sessions per week.

After completing treatment, "graduates" of LSVT LOUD, can participate in our community-based group called "Loud for Life." This group gives participants the opportunity to practice using their loud voices in a fun yet challenging environment in order to help maintain their communication skills long-term.

The LSVT LOUD Program is available at many of our clinics throughout North and Central Texas. If you or a love one could benefit from one or both these programs, talk to your physician first as you will need a prescription from your doctor.

Learn more about Lee Silverman Voice Therapy (LSVT) at LSVTGlobal.com.

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