MS Rehabilitation

Multiple Sclerosis Rehabilitation

Multiple sclerosis can have a major impact on multiple aspects of your life. This progressive disease can lead to physical, cognitive and sometimes psychiatric conditions. Symptoms can vary drastically from person to person, but it all involves nerve damage that disrupts the ability of the central nervous system to communicate properly. At Baylor Rehab, we have physical therapists and occupational therapists that specialize in neuro rehab, as well as MS certified therapists trained specifically in treating multiple sclerosis. Our outpatient neuropsychology center can also provide the care you need to manage any behavioral or psychiatric issues brought on by MS.

We provide you with coordinated care and a supportive environment to facilitate continued rehabilitative services throughout your disease management. The following services are available to patients managing multiple sclerosis.

  • Neuropsychology
    • Evaluate brain and cognitive function
    • Identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Health psychology
    • Adjusting to your diagnosis
    • Manage depression and anxiety
  • Speech therapy
    • Build communication and articulation
    • Improve swallowing
  • Occupational therapy
    • Regain independence at home and in the community
    • Techniques for self-care and home management
  • Physical therapy
    • Address fatigue and energy conservation
    • Improve balance, body positioning and strength
  • Women's and men's health
    • Control bowel and bladder function
    • Manage MS during pregnancy
  • Adaptive driving
    • Behind-the-wheel testing and training
    • Assess the need for adaptive driving equipment
  • Physiatry
    • Access to a physician specializing in rehabilitation

Physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and neuropsychology services for multiple sclerosis are available at a number of our outpatient therapy centers. Health psychology services are only available at our Dallas Landry Center (link to location details) on the fifth floor.

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