Evelyn's Story

After surviving Legionnaires' disease and the loss of all four limbs, Evelyn Taylor and the team at Baylor Scott & White Institute for Rehabilitation - Dallas worked hard to restore her independence.

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Shortly after contracting Legionnaires’ disease, Evelyn Taylor, 22, had all four of her limbs amputated due to her body’s extreme reaction to the infection. Doctors told her she may never walk again.

Evelyn was admitted to Baylor Scott & White Institute for Rehabilitation – Dallas where she worked alongside her care team to learn adaptive strategies. Those strategies taught her how to perform daily tasks such as getting dressed and feeding herself. After receiving her prosthetics, Evelyn was driven to do more than just stand—she wanted to walk on her own.

Three and a half months later, she walked out of inpatient rehabilitation on her own, ready to embrace her new normal.
“I’m grateful I was given a second chance,” said Evelyn. “Granted, I’ve lost all four limbs, but I am actually living better now than I ever did. It may seem little, but I am proud that I just get up every day. I get up, put my prosthetics on and live,” she said.