Trang's Story

Patient after rehabilitation


Trang Phan, a vibrant 52-year-old woman from Saigon, Vietnam, possesses a deep love for cooking traditional Vietnamese dishes and relishing moments spent fishing with her husband. However, her world was altered when she suffered a stroke, resulting in right-side weakness and impairing her ability to walk, speak and perform everyday tasks.

Trang arrived at Baylor Scott & White Medical Center, accompanied by her spouse and daughter, who translated throughout their interactions. Trang was then transferred to Baylor Scott & White Institute for Rehabilitation (BSWIR) – Lakeway and its Day Neuro Program to begin further rehabilitation. With every fiber of her being focused on recovery, Trang embraced a rigorous rehabilitation program tailored to her specific needs. Guided by a compassionate team of therapists, Trang worked to reclaim her strength and independence to continue the activities that once brought her joy.

Physical therapy formed the bedrock of her treatment, allowing her to gradually regain control over her right side and restore mobility. Through an array of exercises and balance activities involving sitting to standing, Trang's motor skills were rekindled, paving the way for newfound confidence in her ability to walk.

In parallel, Trang engaged in speech and cognitive therapy, diligently working to overcome the communication and cognitive challenges. Therapists worked with her by practicing to use her right hand while getting dressed and with swallowing techniques to strengthen her tongue and throat muscles. With each passing day, her speech grew clearer and her cognitive functions sharpened, allowing her to regain independence.

Throughout her journey, Trang drew strength from her family. Her daughter, Susan, was frequently by her side, spending many nights at the hospital and actively participating in therapy sessions. Trang's husband, equally committed, underwent training sessions with the physical therapist, ensuring he would be equipped to support her progress once they returned home.

Reflecting on her time at BSWIR - Lakeway, Trang expressed deep gratitude for the comprehensive care she received and the compassionate therapists who guided her every step of the way.

Looking ahead, Trang eagerly anticipated returning home, where she could once again revel in the simple joys of family life.