Walter's Story

Walter Maynard at rehabilitation


Walter Maynard, affectionately known as Rocky, is a 70-year-old resident of Eastland. He faced a challenging situation when he started feeling strange one night. He couldn't stand up and was quickly taken to the hospital by an ambulance after his wife found him. At the hospital, doctors diagnosed him with a stroke.

The stroke weakened Rocky's left side, making it hard for him to walk and do everyday things. Determined to return to his old life, he chose Baylor Scott & White Institute for Rehabilitation (BSWIR) - Lakeway for his recovery. He had been there before and knew they could help.

When Rocky got to the institute, he had some goals in mind. He wanted to be able to move around better, be independent and get back to the life he loved. The therapists there started working with him immediately, making a plan just for him.

One of Rocky's main goals was to get back his mobility. His therapists began working to regain his balance and strength by gait training and rebuilding his core muscles, also focusing on rebuilding his left side. He then began to practice walking with assistance.

At the same time, Rocky's therapists retaught him how to perform daily tasks, such as getting dressed, brushing his teeth or showering.

Rocky's journey took a big turn when he got stronger and could do more independently. Working on walking, balancing, and relearning daily tasks greatly impacted his recovery. He was thankful for his therapists' help and the support of other patients.

Through weeks of hard work, Rocky began to make significant progress. Rocky shared. "Strengthening, dressing techniques and speech therapy have brought me closer to my goals. I can talk and eat regular food again."

Rocky's family was there for him the whole way, attending family training sessions during his time at the institute.

As Rocky's time at the institute was ending, he looked forward to going home with the hope that he would be able to walk again. Reflecting on his experience, he described his time at the institute as positive. "There were a lot of good and different people that helped me out during my stay," he said.

To others facing similar challenges, Rocky leaves this advice: "Be involved in your care and therapy, and you'll grow stronger and better."