TBIMS Conference Documents

2019 Conference

2019 Business Meeting Minutes

Bellevue Presentation-Interventions Enhancing Sleep Quality for People with TBI

BSWIR-BRITE Study Updates

BSWIR Presentation-Facility Dog Program

BSWIR-TBIMS Project Update

Carolinas Presentation-Paramedicine Program

Craig - J. Allport - Hospital School Program

Harborview - Pain after TBI Final

JFK - Interdisciplinary Approach to Behavior Management

Kessler Presentation-Interdisciplinary Approach to Trach Management

Mayo Presentation-Team Development of Pre-Driving Screening Program

Mayo Roundtable-Staff Education and Ongoing Competence

Moss Presentation-Interdisciplinary Process Improvement Initiative

Moss Roundtable-Patient and Family Attended Rounds

Mount Sinai - EKSO 2019TBIMS

MSKTC Presentation-Research-based User-friendly MSKTC Resources

Ohio Presentation-Integrating Motivational Interviewing into Family Training

Ohio Presentation-Unique Considerations for BI Population for Implementing Locomotor Training CPGs

RHI Handout-Patient First Rounding Process 2018 0208

RHI Handout-Senior Leader Rounding Standard Work 2019 0403

RHI Handout-Senior Leader Rounding Scouting Template

RHI-Implementation of Evidence Based Leadership to Improve Outcomes

RIM - Road to Recovery

Shepherd Presentation-Integrating Alternative Treatments

Shirley Ryan Ability Lab Presentation-Dress Yourself Program

Spaulding Presentation-The BTACT-Is it Useful in a Clinical Setting

Spaulding Roundtable-Outcome Measures-Adopting APTA CPGs for Neuro Population

TIRR Roundtable-Morning Routines and Weekend Fun

TIRR Roundtable-Workplace Violence-Neurobehavioral Patient Population

UAB Roundtable- Re-Building for the Future

UTSW-Concussion Research Updates

UWMC Presentation-Improving Physical Activity on an Inpatient Rehab Unit

VCU Presentation-Interdisciplinary Approach for Scheduled Toileting Program