Ted's Story

Patient Ted Radtke after rehabilitation


Ted Radtke, an Army veteran renowned for his disciplined life, cherished his 24-year marriage and a flourishing health care equipment sales career. With an active lifestyle as a distance runner and five-day-a-week workouts, Ted appeared in great health.

However, one morning, his routine took a turn when he collapsed. His wife found him on the ground and immediately called 9-1-1.

He was taken to Baylor Scott & White Medical Center – McKinney where the ER doctors quickly diagnosed a stroke. After ten days in the ICU, Ted's family chose Baylor Scott & White Institution for Rehabilitation (BSWIR) - Frisco for his recovery.

Upon admission, Ted acknowledged the need for physical and occupational therapy due to left side weakness. Cognitive testing revealed additional challenges requiring specialized speech therapy, making Ted more cognizant of the stroke's effects beyond the physical. Embracing his soldier mentality, Ted committed wholeheartedly to the recovery process.

His admission goals were simple: walk again and regain independence at home, starting with earning a 'green badge,' symbolizing unassisted bed mobility, through coordinated physical and occupational therapy.

Attaining the green badge marked a turning point for Ted, motivating him to trust the process and intensify physical therapy for balance and strength on his affected left side. Focusing on ‘sit to stand’ exercises to strengthen his core, he was soon able to regain his ability to walk again. Speech therapy played a crucial role, allowing Ted to address cognitive challenges, while focusing on word recollection and rebuilding the muscles in his throat. Accepting his deficits, he collaborated with his speech-language pathologist on a daily improvement plan, supported by specialized cognitive training and computer-based therapy.

Once his goals were met, Ted was discharged from inpatient rehabilitation. To accelerate his pursuit of full-time work, he enrolled in the specialized Day Neuro Program at BSWIR - Frisco. At Day Neuro, he built upon his skills and embraced real-world scenarios, which prepared him to resume work and family responsibilities.

Ted faced unforeseen challenges during stroke recovery, which taught him the significance of perseverance and humility. His message to others confronting similar battles: "Don't take anything for granted, lean on your faith whatever that means to you, be confident in a substantial recovery and trust the therapists because they are AMAZING people."